Do you require seed phrases or logins from users?

Not a chance. New users send us a message so we know to verify their account. From there we pull data from the public blockchain to check token balances

How do token-protected pages work?

When you upload, you’ll set the number of tokens someone has to hold to access that piece of content. You’ll also be able to set a token threshold for people to send messages and talk in your live chat.

Who's this built by?

Who can use Moonbounce?

Artists, gamers, models, musicians, photographers, designers, traders, chefs, thought leaders - we’re here to help anyone that feels they deserve to make money from the value they bring to the world.

If you feel like your creator vertical has specific needs, reach out because we'd love to learn how we can serve you best

Why should I try a token ownership model?

50% of fans unsubscribe after just 1 month on membership platforms like Patreon or OnlyFans. Token ownership models increase fan retention because they don't have to pay each month. You’ll capture immediate value with your founder’s fee, earn from your own token appreciation through value creation, and improve your current traffic by giving discounts on your existing storefronts.

When will it be released?

We want to have it live as soon as possible. We are aiming to onboard our first cohort at the end of April. We have an ambitious roadmap and what’s disclosed here is really just the surface.

Are you hiring?

Yes! If you live for the creator economy like we do or happen to know someone that does, please reach out to @social_money or email paul@getkuudos.com We are currently hiring a VP of engineering, a fin-tech focused smart contract engineer, and a data scientist.

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