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Give VIP access to your supporters everywhere

Exclusive content, benefits, and special permissions wherever you already engage with your fans

Software built by creators, for creators.

In 2020, we helped artists earn $1m through our own subscription platform

Now our team works with partners @

A portal for all the fun stuff 🎨 🌕

We make it easy to manage relationship equity with your audience without eating up your time. 1-click integrations to make your fans, friends, and largest supporters feel special.

Exclusive content gallery.

Host photos, videos, audio, and blog posts, that your fans will adore.

CDP & analytics.

Keep track of your biggest fans and export their information to Airtable and Mailchimp.

Rewards hub.

Automatically give your supporters benefits like custom discount codes or have them play games with you!

Integrated with your favorite platforms.

Give your supporters special roles on Discord, add them to your Instagram Close Friends list, gift them custom skins on Minecraft, or invite them to private Zoom and Clubhouse rooms

Built for creators and makers.

Want to build something different than a fanbase? You can do that here too. Share secret feature launches, build in public, and start putting together your inner circle and personal board of directors with our segmented group messaging features.


Do you require seed phrases or logins from users?

Not a chance. New users send us a message so we know to verify their account. From there we pull data from the public blockchain to check token balances

How do token-protected pages work?

When you upload, you’ll set the number of tokens someone has to hold to access that piece of content. You’ll also be able to set a token threshold for people to send messages and talk in your LiveChat.


Unlock new revenue by turning your community into a universe

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